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Halteres Associates Website

Halteres Associates website

Halteres Associates is a leading bioscience consultancy comprised of more than 150 professionals with extensive experience in a broad spectrum of areas of expertise, including the development and commercialization of diagnostics, medical devices, therapeutics, research reagents and bioscience tools.

Halteres engaged us not only to update the look and feel of their corporate website, which was several years old, but more importantly to help them fix a critical messaging problem; site visitors were not grasping the broad scope of services that Halteres provides. This failure to connect with their key audience was costing them lost business opportunities.

We suggested changes in site architecture and the re-thinking of details as minute as the naming of pages and headers to help site visitors understand Halteres’ mission and scope and seamlessly direct visitors to key information.

Aurora School Website

Aurora School web site

Aurora School is a unique private elementary school founded in 1988. Its mission is to develop individuals who are academically excellent, socially compassionate, and emotionally secure. While the school is known for its welcoming and diverse community, they also have a “PR” problem — the popular misperception is that Aurora School is a “hippie school” without a rigorous academic curriculum.

We redesigned The Aurora website on a custom WordPress CMS platform, updated the look and feel, created information architecture with users’ needs in mind. Maintenance, usability, relevance were all dramatically improved with the new site. Read the case study.

Diablo Theatre Company Website

Diablo Theatre Company Website Design -- Custom WordPress Development

We partnered with this San Francisco Bay Area musical theater company to leverage a name change and rebranding effort to completely rethink their website.

Diablo Theatre Company needed their website to help sell more tickets by simplifying the process, help distribute photos and production information to theater critics, feature their popular youth theater education program, help communicate with actors—keeping them updated on auditions, save maintenance costs, and put control of the content and updates back in the hands of office staff.

The redesigned website we created with a WordPress content management system accomplished those goals and more. Read the case study.

San Francisco Professional Food Society Website

San Francisco Professional Food Society Website Design -- Custom WordPress Development

This well-established San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit serves over 400 professionals in the food industry and needed a rebranding effort.

We began with an updated logo and built a new, customized CMS website around that look and feel. SFPFS now can post information on the fly in a new, attractive and usable architecture. Read the case study.

Catalysis Foundation Website

The Catalysis Foundation provides access to advanced medical diagnostics in under-resourced areas of the world.

Landmark Realty Website

Landmark Real Estate San Francisco Web Design

This San Francisco-based company owns and rents furnished and unfurnished properties in historic buildings.

They needed their website to adequately show properties and allow interested parties to book apartments online. Since the website launched, they’ve had almost 100% occupancy rates and are looking to expand. Read the case study.

Birdy Botanicals Website Design

Website Design: Birdy Botanicals

Our goal was to provide a pleasant online shopping experience for Birdy customers while retaining the whimsical look and feel that Birdy is known for. The website also features the Birdy Blog, which is a key marketing tool for this up-and-coming natural skin care products company.

SWDG designs HTML email campaigns, vendor show signage, infographics and consults on marketing campaigns.

Alabaster Cleaners Website

Web Design: Alabaster Cleaners

This new, green, delivery dry cleaning company competes in a crowded urban market.

They needed a new website to stand out among their competitors.

Razzolink Website

Razzolink Website Design

This high-speed internet service provider came to us for a complete start-up package including logo, website, marketing materials, even truck signage.

Razzolink is a family-owned company whose customers mainly include over 25 underserved, rural communities. They needed a web site that would attract those users to this unique internet service provider. Read the case study.

The Truffle Kit Ecommerce Website

Truffle Kit Ecommerce Web Design

This project started with the Just Specialties Fine Food logo/identity, the packaging for the Truffle Kit, then the e-commerce web site.

As the product line grew, we designed packaging for those products as well as other print and online promotional material.

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