Graphic design, print and web design in the San Francisco Bay area

About Us

Inspiration, perspiration. When you work with us you not only get an award-winning team of creatives but hard-working and knowledgeable advisors who can help fine tune your marketing efforts.

You can talk to us. We’re eager to learn what makes you and your business tick, what your market is like, what your business realities are. The more we know about the challenges you face the better we can create visual solutions to meet them.

We take our work seriously without being too serious ourselves. The creative process includes exploration and play. You’ll find the experience of working with us to be anything but somber and “buttoned down.” In fact, you’ll probably have as much fun as we do.

Sara Waters

Sara Waters is an award-winning designer and art director with experience in web and graphic design.

Sara started the first half of her design career in the corporate arena doing identity work, packaging, print collateral, advertising, annual reports, web and multimedia. During the past several years, Sara has focused her efforts on web design—translating client concepts into artful, strategic and user-friendly websites while maintaining a print designer’s aesthetic and sensitivity to detail. Her work has been shown in Print and Graphis. She formed Sara Waters Design in 2001.

Since then she’s become an industry consultant on search engine optimization and offers that expertise to her web clients as an added value. Sara mentors other designers and is heavily involved in the design community.

Sara combines her right-brained creative vision with her left-brained analytical eye to provide her clients with a blend of smart design and powerful marketing. She’s detail-oriented and equipped with the latest and best information to help her clients make informed choices. As a creative director, she’s completely committed to getting the client’s vision down on paper or on the web.

“My goal is to produce design that drives sales—it’s as simple as that. I try very hard to understand our clients and try to see the world through their eyes. We can do great things when we’re in sync and working as a team. It’s my job to make that happen.” –Sara Waters

James Ketsdever

Award-winning graphic designer and photographer James Ketsdever has been in the communications business his entire life, from his early start with his father’s newspaper business to over 20 years working as an award-winning photojournalist and graphic designer in the Bay Area.

In 2001, James decided to combine his knowledge of graphic design, illustration and photography to team up with Sara to establish Sara Waters Design Group.

An illustrator, writer, cyclist, birder and wannabe gourmet chef, James brings a sense of whimsy and humor to the company.

While many designers dread the “blank page” part of the design process, it’s James’ favorite part. His playful nature is a perfect complement for Sara’s get-down-to-business approach and their clients benefit from that chemistry.

“Nothing makes me happier than to see our design ‘working’ for a client. I’m especially rewarded when our work furthers the ideals of a company or cause we believe in. If I didn’t believe design could make a difference in the word, I wouldn’t be doing this.” –James Ketsdever