Graphic design, print and web design in the San Francisco Bay area


Marina Hudgens
Landmark Realty

Project completed: Website with content management system, automatic Craigslist HTML posting tool and shopping cart, business card.

“We are very happy with our website and our working relationship with your company. We have seen a direct increase in business due to our website. We had lots of vacancies before we launched the new site, but this year we’ve had to turn so many people away that we’re adding a new building to accommodate more renters.”

Jan Gerard-Anderson
Former Public Relations Director

Projects completed: Band logo, concert programs, posters, mailers, brochure, various promotional items.

“Our last concert at the Lesher was our best so far and largely due to the sophisticated and powerful design you two provided. The ticket manager at the Lesher Regional Center for the Arts said it was the best poster and program he’d ever seen, and he sees thousands of pieces every year. We sold out the house and we believe it was largely due to the beautiful posters and postcard mailers designed by Sara Waters Design Group.

When Larry and I went to the Association of Concert Bands convention in Ohio this summer we not only got raves about the band logo and brochure but our colleagues literally swarmed our display table, ooh-ing and ah-ing over the body of work you’ve produced for us. We think it’s a big part of why Larry was asked to be on the ACB National Board of Directors.

Your design gives us added credibility and an air of class most community bands can only wish they had. Thank you both for making us look so good.”

Sarah Wally
Maverick Cuisine Professional Cooking Systems

Projects completed: Logo and web site design, business system, sales collateral, PowerPoint template.

“Building the Maverick Cuisine web site required considerable patience, time, more patience and loads of printer ink and file storage space.

Your creativity, uniqueness and understanding of design, color, format the concept of the Maverick offering, truly shows on the final web site, as does your 150% commitment to the project.

You took me on as your client, with a business concept unknown to the world and created a user- friendly, readable, high quality and client specific web site—truly a masterpiece.

I offer my heartfelt recommendation and applaud your extraordinary ability to assess the needs of the client and work with them to create a show piece that now serves as my unique calling card and a valuable marketing tool.”