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Case Study — Athena Williams Corporate Identity

Project: Logo and Web Design

Challenge: Communicate values of social responsibility and serious business solutions

Athena Williams is a nationally known business coach who was ready to take her own business to the next level. She needed a new identity, website and marketing material to reflect her dedication to socially responsible business practices and her personal, spiritual values. A further challenge was to create a look and feel that would also attract serious business clientele without sacrificing the soft, elegant attitude of the brand.

Solution: Use imagery from Greek mythology to communicate strength, strategy, peace and prosperity

We started by creating a logo that not only communicates compassion and caring, but incorporates a back-story, playing on our client’s unique name and its association with Greek mythology. In a competition with Poseidon to be the patron of Attica, the goddess Athena presented an olive tree to the people of the city. While a modest gift on the surface, the olive tree fed the people of the city, gave them wood to keep warm and oil to light their houses. Poseidon’s gift of war horses paled in comparison. The city was renamed Athens, and the olive tree became a symbol of peace and prosperity – a marvelous metaphor for a socially conscious business coach.

We then created a user interface using the same palette and key elements of the logo as a design reference while preserving a clean, corporate look and feel, thus appealing to Athena’s target market, which is comprised of social entrepreneurs, CEOs and serious business professionals. The website also provided a marketing channel for her monthly newsletters and her schedule of speaking engagements and workshops. Other marketing collateral followed, including business cards, letterhead and a flyer template.

Result: Unique brand more suited to the mission of the company.

Response to Athena’s logo and branding has been overwhelmingly positive. Her newsletter subscriptions have tripled since the web site launch, and workshop attendance is at an all-time high. A comment from one of her clients:

“I really liked the old website, but absolutely love this one! I feel your personality and philosophy really coming through in the new one. It’s given me tingles all over and it makes me actually WANT to spend time on it. It even makes me excited about the opportunity to explore it! Wow. Please pass on my admiration for a job very well done to Sara Waters Design Group. I’m going to log her name so I can talk to her in a bit about possibly doing a redesign…”