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Case Study — Razzolink Branding and Web Design

Razzolink Web Design

Project: Logo, Branding and Web Design

Razzolink brings affordable high-speed Internet service to rural areas in Northern California. Customer service is an important company value: they wanted to improve their website experience for current and prospective customers as part of that goal.

Challenge: Customers confused by the old website flooded customer service telephone lines to handle simple customer service issues

The old Razzolink website had serious usability problems for current customers. People found it difficult to manage their accounts and preferences for webmail, tech support and payment collection. Though the company offered terrific tech support and online ordering, most users of the old site ended up calling the customer service desk in frustration, rather than using the website. Site Goals:

  • Reduce calls to the office staff by making the website an effective customer tool for both ordering and technical support
  • Increase orders by making the order path more clear and effectively comparing the plan options
  • Optimize website for search engines

Solution: Focus on user needs, and make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for

Solve usability problems, increased search engine exposure, increase sales, and reduce calls to customer service.

Result: Increased website sales, customers can perform several key tasks without calling customer service

Internally, the sales and support teams benefited by having the website answer most of the key concerns of their current customers. For Razzolink customers both new and prospective, plan and pricing information is now much easier to find and compare.