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Infographic Design

U.C. Berkeley Student Health Letter Infographic

The University of California at Berkeley School of Public Health embarked on an ambitious project to test children in several pilot schools to measure general health and obesity levels and mail the results to parents in a format that provided actionable data in a simple and visual style. The variable data-format letter provided metrics about each individual child’s performance but also encouraged families to discuss health concerns with their kids. We were asked to create the accompanying infographic outlining some key steps families could take at home to improve their kids’ health and was presented on the back of the personalized letter.


Mills Teacher Scholars Survey Results Infographic

We created this infographic to display the data gathered from a survey of 254 teachers in 6 school districts conducted by Mills Teacher Scholar, an organization that creates a much-needed thinking space for teachers to better understand the complexities of their work and to implement changes to their teaching. The infographic became part of their website and social media outreach and was shared with current and prospective teacher scholar candidates and school administrators.


Sanovas Investor Infographic

Sanovas is an emerging technology company that is redefining surgical intervention. They needed an infographic they could distribute to current and prospective investors that captured the company mission, scope and investment potential.


Keynote Mobile Web Performance Infographic

Keynote Systems provides web performance testing and monitoring for some of the biggest companies in the world. We designed an infographic for the Keynote blog based on their 2013 study on mobile web performance.

Keynote Web Performance Infographic

Women In Consulting Compensation Study Infographic

Women In Consulting (WIC) offers consultants and small business owners a vibrant, diverse, and powerful community to help them build strong businesses. We designed an infographic for them that visually encapsulates the results of their most recent compensation study.

WIC Compensation Study Infographic