Graphic design, print and web design in the San Francisco Bay area


Web and Digital Media Design

How can you tell if your website working to its full potential in a rapidly changing, device driven, online world?

Websites are still powerful business tools. They can connect and communicate with potential and current customers on on a variety of platforms and devices and are, more than ever, your face to the world.

However, your audience is changing. They’re finding you on their smart phones, tablets and via social media channels. Staying on top of the changing digital marketing landscape is what we do — for fun.

We not only help brands and businesses by providing attractive design, as always, but we offer insights into how to provide your customers with a positive experience when they do business with you online.

This can include:

  • Clarifying your persuasive message
  • Information architecture—making sure your audience can find your important content easily
  • UX/UI design
  • Custom CMS design (content management systems i.e. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla)

Social Media Marketing

Most businesses can use help navigating the social media landscape with its bewildering array of options. Large and small businesses alike are in meetings every day discussing:

  • Where to place social media time and resources
  • How to better engage with customers
  • Which staff should take on social media responsibilities internally?
  • When does social media consulting become cost effective?
  • Content marketing strategies

SWDG can help you implement a social media plan that targets the right channels for your business so you can concentrate your efforts where they will make the biggest impact.

We design digital assets that set you apart in a crowded feed: “pinnable” graphics optmized for Pinterest, infographics, Facebook cover photos and more that help you reach out to customers while reflecting the hard work you’ve put into developing your brand story.

Setting a high bar for the design of social media assets and content sets businesses apart from their competitors.

Print and Packaging

Carefully planned print pieces can be powerful marketing tools.

Companies still invest thousands of dollars in printed material to market themselves. We started our design careers as print designers so we understand the ins and outs of print design.

We’ll work with you to create compelling marketing pieces, collateral, business systems and product packaging and help shepherd projects through the often complicated printing process.

Logo design and branding

All businesses and brands share a common challenge—creating a memorable image in a world of sensory overload. A logo speaks volumes and is your key branding element. Shortcuts may abound in the logo design process these days but we’ve learned that the best identities are well thought out, beautifully executed and adapt to every branding tool in your arsenal, from annual reports to iPhone apps to coffee cups.

At SWDG we help establish memorable brand identities that not only reflect a company’s mission and values but helps that company stand out in a crowd.

Infographic design

Social media has become a dominate force in the digital marketing world and visuals are a key component for all social media channels.

Infographics, while a popular tool in print media for decades, has captured the imagination of content providers as an effective way to present complex information in a compelling and easily consumable format.

At SWDG, we draw from early roots in journalism to bring expertise to the design and architecture of infographics, for use in blogs, to establish and support thought leadership or simply to turn otherwise dry and static website content into dynamic visuals.

We love partnering with startups

Your new company needs to hit the ground running on an aggressive schedule. We understand that starting a business isn’t always a smooth, linear process and waiting for design can be frustrating when you’re itching to launch.

We’ll deliver a logo, business system, a device-friendly website, social media assets and marketing collateral along with whatever else you need, on time and on budget.

Next steps

If any or all of the services above sound like a good fit for your next project, get the ball rolling by contacting us today, or if you’re still not convinced read more about us below.