Graphic design, print and web design in the San Francisco Bay area

How We Work

Our design work has one main goal: will it help you sell?

Graphic design isn’t just about “image.” Well-crafted design needs to accomplish business goals, in addition to being visually memorable and aesthetically pleasing

Some design really “works.” The investment you make pays off in tangible results for your business or organization.

Some design wastes money. The final product might look good, but if you’re not getting leads from your new website or print collateral, it’s a drain on your marketing budget — and your bottom line.

Many designers don’t “speak” business. Likewise, many business people don’t think visually. Powerful, evocative marketing pieces require a synthesis of both disciplines. If a marketing piece doesn’t accomplish business goals for our client, it’s a failure.

No one has a bottomless marketing budget. How can you get the biggest return on your investment?

Your marketing pieces need to accomplish real business goals. When done well, a design project can improve your bottom line:

  • The marketing piece accomplishes your most important business goal
  • It sells products
  • It sells services
  • It furthers your cause
  • It attracts subscribers or social media fans (who later become customers and buy from you)
  • It increases sales
  • It decreases costs
  • It saves you time

How do we make sure your projects will “sell?”

1. First, we gain a thorough understanding of your audience. We establish: who is your perfect client?

  • What are their goals?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • What bugs them?
  • What would delight them?
  • What would make them look like heroes?

2. Determine how the project will solve your most pressing business goals

What do we need to consider to make the marketing piece drive sales of your product or service? Can we design a piece that saves you money in the long run? Staying focused on business goals helps keep everyone’s eye on the prize.

3. Nail the “look and feel”

This is the part most businesses look for when they hire designers. But for us, “look and feel” is just the tip of the creative iceberg. Effective design conveys tone, professionalism and brand values in the blink of an eye. We create design briefs that spell out the creative goals of a project, and that will help us communicate your image in the most honest, concise, and imaginative way possible.

4. We put it all together to create marketing materials designed to make you irresistible

Our finished pieces share these elements:

  • Clear calls to action
  • Attractive, attention-getting design
  • Words crafted to speak directly to your perfect client — words that will make them say, “Yes! That’s exactly what I need!”

We’ve been in business for over a decade helping some amazing, forward thinking clients meet their goals through quality design, attention to detail, great service, and a spirit of collaboration.

If any of this makes sense to you, and, more importantly, if it sounds like fun: